DownDraft Fume Extractor

DownDraft Fume Extractor
Item# 150001

Product Description

The DownDraft Fume Extractor is the ideal workstation for safe, healthy histology, cytology, and pathology tasks. Why use a bulky conventional fume hood when the DownDraft Fume Extractor offers a compact, portable, ductless and installation free alternative? The DDFE also offers a small investment in comparison with conventional pathology workstations and uses low cost pelletized activated carbon, NOT expensive custom filters. Downdraft just makes sense for common, heavier-than-air fumes from like Xylene.


Perforations in stainless steel work tray balance air flow - even when many are blocked by bottles, slides, etc.

Hardly noticeable airflow required for most applications; plenty of extraction power though, by variable speed centrifugal fan.

Activated carbon contained in cassette drawer; quick interchange and reloading. Effective against most fumes common to clinical and life sciences laboratories.

Digital timer shows elapsed time, with warning light.


Pathology - necropsy, tissue grossing

Histology/Cytology - staining and coverslipping

Life Sciences - dissections, animal surgery

Industry - work station for adhesives

RESTRICTIONS: Not for biohazards, lethal gases, particulates.

DownDraft Fume Extractor Includes: air speed control, timer, warning light, stainless detachable work plate, cassette for carbon, 3 x 2 kg packs of universal carbon, operating instructions, 6 ft. (1.83 m) supply cord for 115 VAC 60 Hz operation.

Overall base: 25 (W) x 19 (D) x 16 (H) inches Tray area: 21 x 11.5 inches Tray height: 1.5 inches Weight: 48 lb / 22 kg

Max. airlfow - 353 ft cubed (100 m cubed)/hour at 200 VA; normal use is <50%